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Rogue Taxidermy - Days N' Daze 1xLP White & Orange Splatter Vinyl

Rogue Taxidermy - Days N' Daze 1xLP White & Orange Splatter Vinyl

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1xLP 12" White & Orange Hand Pour Vinyl


A1 Rockabilly Impending Deathfuture (2:35)
A2 Fuck It! (3:06)
A3 Muddy Knees (2:54)
A4 Call In The Coroner (3:28)
A5 Misanthropic Drunken Loner (3:32)
A6 Blue Jays (2:47)
A7 Remnants Of What People Used To Be (2:55)
A8 Day Gaunts (3:23)
B1 Fate Of A Coward (2:55)
B2 Dazed From The Dazzle Of Decadence And Constantly Reminded Of Death (2:25)
B3 1984 (2:11)
B4 DBS Out (2:07)
B5 Tarnished Ol' Photograph (2:28)
B6 Goodbye Lulu (2:30)
B7 Perfectly Dysfunctional (3:27)
B8 Post Party Depression (3:53)

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